Events in Tolo

During the summer months, various cultural events are organized in the wonderful evenings with music and traditional dances from all over Greece, and locals along with visitors are invited to take part in the celebration.
An interesting and well-kept custom is that of “Agios Giannis Keidonas”, “St. John”, with the “jumping over the flames”, held on June 24 on the last Sunday of the Carnival. Also, various other events in the region such as jet ski races every August, and sand-sculpture building in July, are worth watching.
An exceptional event worth seeing is the procession of the Epitaph, which is held in the sea.

Local events


Every summer, the “celebration of the full moon” is held under the full moon of August with various events taking place. At the end of September, the celebration of the “Tratas”, is held. It is the festival of the fishermen marking the beginning of the whitebait fishing season and is accompanied by fish, wine, dancing, and singing.


Local Products


Tolo was originally a fishing village and has remained so as it progressed to a larger town. Therefore it is famous for its fresh fish soup and tasty seafood products.


Tolo Beach


The Tolo beach stretches for about one Kilometer starting from the beach ” Psili Ammos ” and ending in the small picturesque village port where the fishing boats and various excursion boats will always see tied. The beach location and infrastructure combines the opportunity for swimming, relaxing on the beach and enjoying a coffee , drink or food near the sea , as along it you will find traditional taverns , cafes and bars.
At the same time you can find various accommodations that offer the ultimate view of the Argolic Gulf with their balconies a breath away from the sea . The sea is shallow mainly sandy with a few points pebble ideal for children with warm and clear water.

Tolo beach



Type: It is a small pebbly and sandy beach on one side and rather rocky on the right. It has crystal clear waters with sandy sea-bed.
Location: Located close to Tolo, near the ruins of Ancient Asini.
Access: It can be reached on foot or with your own vehicle.

Kastraki beach

Koronisi, Romvi and Daskalio


The beautiful beaches of the three small islands,  located across from the harbor of Tolo. They are ideal for those who want to be in isolation while enjoying the picturesque bays suitable for swimming and fishing.
Access: Can be reached by boat, pedal boat, canoe or jet ski.
Facilities: None. Make sure you have all the necessities.

The beaches of Plaka and Kondily are located at a distance of 2 and 4 kilometers from Tolo and they can be reached by boat.

Daskalio beach