Ancient Asini


The most important sight of the village is the ruins of the ancient Asini; it’s near the village, just outside Tolo, on top of a hilly cape. It provides evidence of the power and splendor of Asini’s kingdom in the time of the Trojan War. Remains of prehistoric settlements and parts of ancient city walls can be seen there; excavations also revealed Mycenaean tombs.

Ancient Asini



It is the third little island opposite the port of Tolo. On the island, there is a chapel of “Agioi Apostoloi” (Holy Apostles), where weddings and baptisms are carried out for the romantic ones


Romvi or “The Island of Aphrodite”


One of the two small islands that adorn the Gulf. One can find sections and walls of a medieval castle,   scattered ruins of a Venetian naval base and various buildings and houses.

Romvi island

Daskalio – the little church of Zoodochou Pigi (Life Giving Spring)


It is a small church dating back from the year 1688 and is located on “Daskalio”, a tiny island hidden behind the island Romvi. It is said that during the period of the Turkish rule, there was a “secret school” – “kryfo scholeio” on the island. In that “secret school”, priests   tried to teach children in secret their language and their history in order to maintain their heritage. Today Daskalio remains untouched by humans, despite the many visitors who undertake a pilgrimage to the chapel, or just go to the island for a swim.


Agia Kyriaki


The picturesque church of Agia Kyriaki in Tolo is built on a beautiful spot on the hill. The distance from the center of Tolo is just 5 minutes. It has a magnificent view, literally breathtaking, of the bay of Tolo, with Romvi and Koronisi islands. The beautiful and highly sophisticated church is an ideal location for those looking for a romantic place to unite their lives or to perform the baptism of their child. There is a road access and a parking space around the courtyard of the church.

Agia Kiriaki